Social Media as an Instrument for Change


Social media is a process to make our community better.It also help people to communicate easier with others. This provides a variety of ways for users to interact, though chat, messaging email, video, voice chat, file sharing, blogging and discussing groups. The social networking sites have become one of the dominant cultural phenomena in this digital age. It enables us to communicate anywhere in this world and to anyone who shares interests and activities across political, social, economic and geographical borders.

Ultimately, the future of advertising lies in making capitalism sustainable. To that end advertising must master social media and take control of the stewardship of their brand partners in this new intimately connected global community. By doing so, advertising will not only ensure its own future but transform capitalism into an engine of global prosperity.

The problems in advertising are much more profound—they literally extend deep into the heart of capitalism. The core issue is that advertising and capitalism need each of the survive. Both are being challenged by powerful forces of social change in today’s new world: globalization, digitalization, social media and a loss of values.


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